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We know exactly what we are capable of and when the limits of our technical capabilities or those of the plastic or the mould have been reached. This ensures that a project will be successful right from the start and creates valuable planning security for today’s complex challenges and tasks.

The systematic inclusion of our quality assurance in all of our processes helps us to recognise the potential for error and risks at an early stage. We do not test quality, but instead we prove that we produce quality in the large scale manufacture of complex plastic parts. At the same time, we always keep the requirements of the IATF 16949 regulations in mind and design our quality competencies and customer services to precisely meet those requirements:

quality assurance services at a glance

  • Process FMEA
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies
  • Sample tests in compliance with IATF 16969 (Initial Sample Test Report and PPAP)
  • Testing schedule and quality assurance throughout production
  • Dedicated contact person or quality manager


  • CAQ system permanent process monitoring
  • Minitab process capability analyses and statistical data collection and analysis
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Contura G2 with Calypso measurement software
  • 3D multi sensor coordinate measuring machine Werth Scopecheck
  • Optical & video measurement microscope Vision Swift Duo Dynascope
  • Automated processes and 100% testing process monitoring (optical / vacuum among others)
  • A range of leakage test stands and bursting pressure test stands
  • A range of measurement equipment specific to the products

Independent, accredited bodies are used to verify that our quality management system is functioning as it should. This allows us to demonstrate a uniform promise of quality, both within the organisation as a whole and externally towards our customers and business associates.