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Pressure sprayers
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Kläger Plastik GmbH (Head office)
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High-performance plastic components
Construction & Toolroom

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Services for customers requiring precision components made of high-performance plastics

  • Design drafts and feasibility studies (e.g. filling simulations)
  • Carrying out of producibility assessments
  • Test planning and pre-production testing
  • Creation of prototypes (in injection moulding or as additive manufacturing in 3D printing)
  • Systematic optimisation of capacity and follow-on tools in large-scale production

Services relating to spraying systems and plastic bottles

  • Analysis of the market and competition
  • Patent research and worldwide tratdemark protection
  • Creation of product prototypes and function samples
  • Product development and material selection based on customer requirements (e.g. aggressive liquids)

Basis for every project: data transfer and data security

  • Encrypted data transfer (customer-specific interfaces, OFTP2, personal SharePoint)
  • Data formats (including SolidWorks, Catia, STEP214, Parasolid)

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